The Shufflehawks

Apr 28, 2024
04:00 PM - 07:00 PM

Mark Willenborg, the founder of the Shufflehawks, firmly believes that country music remains a vibrant language for expressing the human experience. Dissatisfied with the current state of mainstream country radio, which he feels strays from the authentic legacy of Texas Country Music, Willenborg took matters into his own hands.
Drawing inspiration from legends like Willie Nelson, George Strait, Waylon Jennings, and George Jones, Willenborg humorously coined his own genre, “NeoRetroAmeriCountry,” showcased in his debut album “Cold Beer And Country Music,” released in late 2020.
Rooted in the honky-tonk traditions of his native Texas, Willenborg’s songs capture themes of love, hope, vulnerability, and the occasional “crying in your beer” moment. With his band, the Shufflehawks, he invites audiences to hit the dance floor and embrace the timeless rhythms of shuffle, two-step, and waltz.
Whether it’s a Friday night, Saturday evening, or a laid-back Sunday afternoon, Willenborg and the Shufflehawks promise an unforgettable experience filled with toe-tapping tunes and ice-cold refreshments.

The Biggest Little Stage in South Austin. We are a cozy and small bar, one of the last true live music Honky Tonks still existing in South Austin.