This is LostinAustin’s partnership listing ePayment form. No more writing checks for your ad payment. Just use the following form to make your upcoming listing term payment.

Here are the steps to successfully submit your listing(s) payment:

  1. Fill in your company name.
  2. Fill in your invoice number. See the email we just sent w/ this link on it. Your invoice number is shown there.
  3. Fill in your invoice amount. The invoice amount is also shown on the accompanying email. Please don’t include a $ sign or any commas, PayPal, for some reason cannot interpret those symbols.
  4. The listing term is pre-populated.
  5. Click the “Pay Now” button and you will be forwarded to the payment page.

You’ll have the choice to pay by PayPal (if you are a PayPal user) or pay by Credit Card.
Thanks for your continued partnership !

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